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EVerycharge is Your Complete Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

EVerycharge is thrilled to provide, install, engineer, and maintain innovative EV charging stations for a wide variety of applications. Our electric vehicle charging solutions are fast, efficient, and reliable, and we strive to make them accessible to EV drivers wherever and whenever they need them. We collaborate with businesses and homeowners throughout Florida and the Southeast United States to achieve this goal.

Why Use EVerycharge?

  • We will take the time to explain the complexities of this new technology and work with you to find the best solutions.

  • We will provide personal service; we strive to build long-lasting positive relationships.

  • Our team is certified to install and maintain EV chargers.

  • Our stations offer both owner- and user-level functionality through network connectivity.
  • We provide 24/7/365 support.

  • Apps and software allow for seamless monitoring of both home and commercial charging locations.

  • We work directly with the manufacturers to expedite equipment delivery.

  • We will keep you on the cutting edge with the newest, most efficient, and most effective equipment.

Commercial Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are a rapidly growing market, and by installing EV chargers at your location, you will expand your business opportunities.

Electric vehicles are projected to account for 25% of all vehicle sales by 2025, which means that now is the time for businesses to start preparing. EVerycharge provides solutions that make sense for every industry, from municipalities to hospitals, apartments, and retail businesses. Installing EV charging stations offers numerous benefits, including attracting retail clients, retaining employees, and attracting multi-family tenants. Studies have shown that businesses with EV charging options are more appealing to EV drivers. With a range of commercial charging products tailored to fit your industry's needs, EVerycharge offers secure, cloud-based, open-network, and safe charging stations with 24/7 support to help your business become EV ready. Click below to learn more about the EVerycharge product that is best suited for your industry.

Every day, more consumers are driving electric vehicles, do not let them pass you by. Contact EVerycharge now, and we will help grow your business.

We are your complete EV Charging Solution:

  • Home & Commercial Chargers (Level 2 & 3).
  • Design, engineer & stamp drawings.
  • Permits & inspections.
  • Custom-manufactured EV Machines.
  • Customized charging software.
  • Electrical infrastructure (EC002272).
  • Certified installation & 24/7 maintenance.
  • Customized maintenance agreement.
  • Unique advertising opportunities.
  • Grant writing assistance.
  • Carbon footprint tax credits.
  • Power Company rebates.
  • Safety solutions to protect your customers & charging stations.

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EVerycharge is the fast, reliable, and easy way to charge your electric vehicle (EV). Find nearby stations, monitor your session, manage your account, and more!

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